Happy happy full moon in Taurus

Happy happy full moon in Taurus…a perfect time to set goals of true worth and passion to you…plan more adventure in your life…be patient and resourceful and tend to tasks once and fore-all…this is a great time to pamper yourself bringing about enjoyment on all levels…money matters are dealt with easier at this time…keep calm under pressure and be safe…be kind to yourself and others…bright witchy blessings to you all xx )0(

Happy happy New Moon in Taurus

Happy happy New Moon in Taurus…a fabulous moon to pamper yourself…have a beautiful meal, get a haircut or start a new health regime…if you are wanting to purchase a new home or move this is an auspicious period…a time to make wishes for fresh starts with difficult family relationships…be patient and resourceful and manage your time wisely…be kind to yourself and one another…bright witchy blessings to you all xx)0(









Lucky Colours – White, Green

Lucky Numbers – 5,6,14,15,23,24,32,33,41,42

Crystals – Diamond, Emerald, Coral

Archangel Chamuel– Call upon for Peace, Patience, Reliability
Animals – Bull, Cow, Bear
The focus this year is Balance and Re-inventing yourself

Changes and getting out of your comfort zone. Look at what you want to keep in your life and what to release. Deligate.

Hold on to traditions but be happy for fresh ideas and change. A wonderful year to travel near or far.

Love, friendship and romance is on fire this year – you are adored by many and if you are single looking for love this will be the year.

With your patience, loyalty and courage this is the year to manifest your hearts desires