Lucky Colours – White, Green

Lucky Numbers – 5,6,14,15,23,24,32,33,41,42

Crystals – Diamond, Emerald, Coral

Archangel Chamuel– Call upon for Peace, Patience, Reliability
Animals – Bull, Cow, Bear
The focus this year is Balance and Re-inventing yourself

Changes and getting out of your comfort zone. Look at what you want to keep in your life and what to release. Deligate.

Hold on to traditions but be happy for fresh ideas and change. A wonderful year to travel near or far.

Love, friendship and romance is on fire this year – you are adored by many and if you are single looking for love this will be the year.

With your patience, loyalty and courage this is the year to manifest your hearts desires

Happy happy full blue / blood Moon in Scorpio

Happy happy full blue / blood Moon in Scorpio…made even more potent falling on Samhain…the Witches new year…happy happy new year lovelies..yay yippee…an intense and lively phase…the perfect time for healing all kinds of traumas… determination and willpower has intense energy at this time ..very very powerful and potent…this energy is dynamic to attract love / a partner…learn from your past and release old emotions…deep cleansing and transformation is high at this time…this is a very strong week to have any form of healing …Reiki, Chakra re-alighnment work done…look in the mirror and love who stares back… tonight is the night the veils between the worlds are at their thinest so dont forget to honour those who are now in the Summerland.. .dont be surprised if you encounter Spirit activity, lights flickering, animals more alert or things move because they come out to play this week…have heaps of fun and celebrate at this kapow charged time…be kind to yourself and others…bright witchy blessings xx )0(

Happy happy New moon in Aries

Happy happy New moon in Aries…a time to take action towards your goals..set yourself challenges…aim for your personal best.. be open to changes…individual strength and courage are recharging you at this time…be kind to yourself and others…bright witchy blessings to you all xx )0(

Happy happy full moon in Libra

Happy happy full moon in Libra.. this moon represents the balance between mind body soul and Spirit…balancing yourself, others, work and home…a productive time for tasks or project’s…ask others to help as harmony is all around you at this time…this is a powerful moon for the healing of injustices of all kinds…be gentle and kind to yourself and others…bright witchy blessings xx)0(

Happy happy New moon in Pisces

Happy happy New moon in Pisces…this is a fabulous time to clear away clutter…get rid of and release any non needed items and negative energy…take time out and relax…trust your intuition…let go of any expectations…this is a beautiful time for healing…there is much determination to kick start plans..take action…and remember be kind to yourself and others…bright witchy blessings to you all xx)0 (

Happy happy Full Moon in Virgo

Happy happy Full Moon in Virgo…the perfect time for wisdom and clarity to let go of the past …to find closure and to move away from any hurts and pains that blind your future…let go of what no longer serves your bright new path …focus on direction…eliminate clutter and chaos…it is a great time to focus on your health and wellbeing..your mind body and soul…take the time to nourish YOU…be kind to yourself and one another…bright witchy blessings to you all xx)0 (


Lucky Colours – Aqua, sea green, purple, violet

Lucky Numbers – 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25, 30, 34, 43

Crystals – Amethyst, Aquamarine, Bloodstone

Archangel Gabriel – Call upon for Strength and Determination

Animals – Dolphins, all Sea Mammals, fish

A happy, prosperous and successful year.
This year is for building on your self esteem and confidence.

A wonderful year for travel, adventure, outdoor activities and for awakening your Spiritual senses.

Financially you will have more stability and security.

You will enjoy a strong Career year, with some being recognized / honoured for their efforts – a very successful year.

This is a great year for socializing with friends and family with Romance being a highlight in the second half of the year.

Full Moon in Leo and Lunar Eclipse

Happy happy full blood moon in Leo for 01 Feb and the Lunar eclipse …i am posting one day early for those who would like to set their alarms and get up 2.26am to witness the full moon / eclipse…the energy for this phase is magnificent…a perfect time to boost your self esteem and to trust in yourself…it is a beautiful time to praise others and to acknowledge fabulousness…for complimenting and for loving unconditionally…a beautiful time to share and do random acts of kindness…be passionate and creative honouring your own personal development…celebrate love and kindness…this is a great time to charge your crystals for optimal energy…be kind to yourself and one another…bright witchy blessings to you all xx


Lucky colour – blues
Lucky numbers – 1, 7, 16, 34, 43, 61
Crystals – Aquamarine, Quartz, Moonstone, Angelite
Angels – Chamuel and Zadkiel – call upon these Angels for Compassion and Independence

This is a strong year of SUCCESSES for Aquarians.  Having confidence and believing in yourself and your talents will shine through.  Career / Professional promotions and pay rises are all for the taking.  A very lucky career year for you.

But this will bring about major changes in how you live your life.
You will focus and prioritize – learning not to take on more than you can chew.

Home and family is very important to you this year especially focusing on a Parent or Parent figure.
You will be doing up your home or beautifying your surroundings and enjoying just lounging at home.

Love and romance is happy this year – no major changes or dramas – having a sense of status quo if you are attached and singles are meeting prospects through friends.

Health looks good with some of you changing your diet. You learn balance this year.

All in all a very prosperous year and with two Eclipses in your sign this year buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Luna Horoscope

Happy happy new moon in Capricorn…a time for clarity for new ideas and goals..a beautiful time of growth…you will find moving forward with ease a blessing at this time..be productive and take responsibility for your intentions…commitments and business deals work best with structure…manage your time wisely and be patient with the pace…be kind to yourself and one another..bright witchy blessings to you all xx)0 (