Reiki Healing

“Reiki can never and will never belong to just one person or one organization. Reiki is the spiritual heritage of all of humanity”. Founder – Mikao Usui (1922)

REIKI, what does it mean?

REIKI (pronounced ray – key) is derived from two Japanese words: “rei,” meaning “Universal Spirit”, “ki” meaning “life force energy” Combined, Reiki means – Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki is a pure, simple powerful and amazing ancient Japanese natural energy healing system and can also be an enlightening spiritual practice, which compliments your existing faith or belief system.

I have attuned many people from many faiths and of many diverse belief systems to this wonderful healing art. This form of energy healing is becoming increasingly recognized for its ability to heal on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and promote total holistic wellbeing. It energizes and heals the body, reduces stress and works in conjunction with other healthcare and medical treatments. Reiki Healing Treatments can be deeply relaxing and extremely therapeutic, ultimately bringing about a sense of balance and holistic wellbeing.

It is a gentle, non-evasive, hands on or hands above method of healing on all levels. The Practitioner places his / her hands above the energy centers of the body (you are fully clothed) with the intent that healing occur, the energy then, beginning to flow. You can never receive too much or too little of Reiki healing and Reiki never harms, having the intelligence to flow and give where needed.

Reiki energy is passed on to the Client through the channeling of the Reiki Practitioner. Each Reiki treatment is unique; all will experience different feelings. Some will feel heat, tingles, coldness; some will go into a deep relaxation state that they may begin to snore! something that is very common and is welcomed.

Why do we have energy blockages? – Whenever our issues / problems are not dealt with, we hold on to them, therefore creating negative energy, which in turn blocks the good energy flow. So it is up to us to cast off negativity, to be able to accept positive thought, change and healing Reiki provides healing to the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental issues in our life:

Reduces / Eliminates – Releases blocked and suppressed Emotions, stress, anxiety, depression, pain from injury / operation

Increases – Vitality and energy, calmness, creativity, awareness, personal development, happiness, emotional healing, peace

Improves – Clarity, relationships, confidence, inner peace, patience, boosts and strengthens immune system

Reiki Healing

If you feel you would benefit from Reiki therapy, I am able to offer Reiki Master Treatments either at my own premises in Hamilton. or at another location suitable. Reiki is no less efficient when received distantly in the form of Absent Healing. My focused intention for you to receive your healing and your intention to receive it too, will cause your own energy levels to rise and will allow your body to begin its healing process! It’s a wonderful experience and I know sounds a bit strange, but believe me, it works! And if you feel you would like to learn this gentle, yet powerful and therapeutic healing art, whether for your own personal improvement or for the benefit of others, being humans or pets, I would be honoured to help you on your Reiki Journey.

My empowering Reiki First, Second and Third /Master/Teacher Degree workshops are all scheduled as single days. Courses are generally conducted small, but, if you would prefer to learn on your own, I am also able to offer one to one teaching. All my workshops are personal and friendly and you will find that you are always brought together with the right people at the right time. On completion of your Reiki Practioner Degree, You will receive a certificate.

First Degree – Learning the history and first step of healing. 1-day workshop includes morning / afternoon teas, lunch, all material and Certificate in First-Degree Reiki. Cost – $250

Second Degree – Learning the symbols to self heal, heal a Client and how to absent heal. 1-day workshop includes morning / afternoon teas, lunch, all material and Certificate in Second-Degree Reiki. Cost – $350

Third Degree – Master / Teacher Learn all symbols to heal and teach Reiki. 1-day workshop includes morning / afternoon teas, lunch, all material and Certificate in Third-Degree Master / Teacher Reiki. Cost – $550