Cleansing & Protection

Cleansing and Protection

There are times in our lives where we our homes or place of business feels overwhelmed with heavy negative energy. Do you feel like nothing is going right?
Do you feel a sense of unease every time you enter your property or things around you feel out of sync, Do you feel tired, lack energy are always sick; tension and dis-harmony, children or animals are not wanting to sleep or enter particular areas or perhaps you even feel Spirit / Ghost matter are making themselves known and are trying to get your attention?

Then it is well over due for a Spiritual Cleansing.

A Spiritual Cleansing is a clearing of negative energies that build up in and around you and in your property. It removes pain, trauma and emotional distress. When you are filled or surrounded with negative energy you are unable to reach goals, be prosperous, be successful, and have positive friendships and relationships.

The benefits of the cleansing are endless. The energy within you and your property feels so much clearer and refreshed. On completion of property cleansing it is highly recommended a mixed blend of magickal goodness be swept through the property to bring in balance and tranquility. Special potions of protection, love, peace, harmony, success, happiness, concentration, beauty, prosperity, healing for the family unit, communication and friendship.

I assist Spirits who are ‘stuck’ here to move over and to finally be at peace. I also offer suggestions in the placement of furniture through my knowledge of FengShui to allow the chi (energy) to flow with ease.