Happy New Year

Welcome to the Witches New Year known as Samhain – pronounced ‘soo-ween‘)
Also know as Halloween and the Celtic New Year

This celebration is about honouring our ancestors and of letting go of negativity – anyone
or anything that is holding you back or no longer serve the greater good for your

Samhain / Halloween Activities
Incense – Night queen, rose, patchouli, ginger fragrances
Candle colours – orange, black, white, purple
Crystals – amethyst, jet, apache tear, lapis lazuli
Symbols – pumpkins, scary masks, lanterns, fairies, and magickal animals like unicorns
Festive food – pumpkin pie, beef, fish, hotdogs, potatoes, apples, chocolate, lollies

Samhain / Halloween festivities –
Carving out pumpkins and putting tea light candles inside
Making a favourite dish of a loved one who has passed over
Research into your family tree to gain a deeper understanding or your roots
Reading, watching horror movies or telling scary stories

On the 01st November –
In the evening (with no TV or noise) place a clove of garlic on the west facing window
sill with an orange candle glowing and ask for protection, goodness and love to only enter
your home

For releasing negativity
Light an orange, black, white or purple candle
Then light your incense from the candle
Sit and think of all that you need to release from your life
Then write down on separate pieces of paper all that you would like released
Light the pieces of paper one by one and let them burn out in a fire proof dish
Saying – Dark Mother, powerful Crone, I ask that you take away and release ——from
my life as they / it no longer serves me