What is Magick?

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Magick is finding your connection to the Earth and all that is natural, alive and moving in the universe! It binds all that exists together.
It is honouring the Moon cycles, Sun, Gaia ( Mother Earth ), celebrating the changing seasons and harming none.

We follow the Spirits of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water which combine to manifest all creation.
These four elements are the rhythms of nature and within ourselves.

Magick is living in balance with the flow of life, and knowing that you are a vital force within that flow. Magick is everywhere! In the trees, rain, stars, and in the sea. It is the sparkle that quickens a seed to rise up from the soil.

Magick is laughter, joy, wonder and truth

It is the subtle enchantment that reminds us not to waste a single moment of this gift that we call life!
Magick is not greed, or power, or pretense…It is real. It exists. And it works.

Magick is the mystery that lies in the secret soul of the world. It is the essence of creation. What we imagine, we have the power to create!


With it you can create your dreams, heal your world, love your life and find the peace that lives in every human heart.

.NB: The spells that we do involve protection, healing, love, harmony, wisdom, creativity and clear communication to name a few.
We use ingredients from nature to keep the energy pure.