Happy happy full blue / blood Moon in Scorpio

Happy happy full blue / blood Moon in Scorpio…made even more potent falling on Samhain…the Witches new year…happy happy new year lovelies..yay yippee…an intense and lively phase…the perfect time for healing all kinds of traumas… determination and willpower has intense energy at this time ..very very powerful and potent…this energy is dynamic to attract love / a partner…learn from your past and release old emotions…deep cleansing and transformation is high at this time…this is a very strong week to have any form of healing …Reiki, Chakra re-alighnment work done…look in the mirror and love who stares back… tonight is the night the veils between the worlds are at their thinest so dont forget to honour those who are now in the Summerland.. .dont be surprised if you encounter Spirit activity, lights flickering, animals more alert or things move because they come out to play this week…have heaps of fun and celebrate at this kapow charged time…be kind to yourself and others…bright witchy blessings xx )0(